A description of informal norm violation

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A description of informal norm violation

Factors affecting curriculum development include government rules, which in turn brings other factors into the process. Valid curriculum development requires awareness of the diversity of the target community socially, financially and psychologically.

Political factor Politics affect curriculum development in numerous ways. How politics influences curriculum design and development starts with funding. Both private and public educational institutions rely on funding for hiring personnel, building and maintaining facilities and equipment.

All aspects of curriculum depend on local, state and national political standards.

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Example Politics affects curriculum development from defining goals, interpreting curricular materials to approving examination systems, 2. It also has a perception of what the product of the school system should look like. It is therefore necessary for curriculum designers to take in to account these societal considerations.

Example Subjects which has gender education and political economy have proved difficult to include in the curriculum because of the resistance from some religious groups.

Economic factor Economics influences curriculum development. Curriculum developed for in house training in corporations focuses on educating employees for promotions that bring better returns in profits. Technological Technology driven curriculum development is the norm of the 21st century.

A description of informal norm violation

The computer technology of the 21st century influences curriculum development at every level of learning. Learning centers and classrooms increasingly provide computers as requisite interaction for studies among students.

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Technological multimedia use influences educational goals and learning experiences among students. Social diversity including religion, culture and social groupings affects curriculum development because these characteristics influence the types of topics and methods for teaching information.

Environment Environment issues affect curriculum development. World awareness and action toward reversing and ending pollution continues affecting curriculum development. Typical elementary classrooms teach recycling and healthy environmental practices. Higher education in the sciences offer environmentally-focused degrees.

Child psychology Many students with a masters or PhD degree in developmental psychology work in educational settings as school psychologists, which makes sense when considering the emphasis placed on the formative years.

However, there are several developmental psychology concentrations available on which students can focus: The developmental psychology curriculum examines the changes in personality, cognitive ability and behavior throughout the lifespan.

A description of informal norm violation

Therefore, in addition to preparing themselves for a rewarding career, students enrolled in developmental psychology curricula will also learn and understand more about themselves as they study the scientific conclusions made by experts in the field.Informal norms are societal rules that are unspoken and unwritten, but are generally understood by all members of a society.

While failing to adhere to an informal norm does not result in punishment or imprisonment, as occurs when the law is broken, it does result in social repercussions.

Plural: informal norms The terms informal norm and informal social norm are used interchangeably in a sociological context. When people violate informal norms, others might respond with informal sanctions.


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Dear Monica, This is a compelling account of how the law works in practice, that is how it fares when making the transition from the normative to the physical world. very important norms, which when violated carry a notion of harm to the social welfare of society.


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people do not steal from each other is a more of society. Immorality is the violation of moral laws, norms or standards. Immorality is normally applied to people or actions, or in a broader sense, it can be applied to groups or corporate bodies, beliefs, religions, and works of art.

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