A discussion about the state of professional wrestling in united states

But where is it the biggest? The real hot spots of wrestling in this country are almost as diverse as the teams the fans in those areas root for.

A discussion about the state of professional wrestling in united states

Wrestlemania III[ edit ] The article stated "In front of 93, fans and one of the largest pay-per-view audiences in history". In terms of buyrate yes, but the total number of buys was only in theregion.

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For example, in the late 4th century, the Christian clergymen Gregory of Nazianzus spoke of "those persons who in the theatres perform wrestling matches in public, but not that kind of wrestling in which the victory is won according to the rules of the sport, but a kind to deceive the eyes of those who are ignorant in such matters, and to catch applause" Oration This article definitely needs another couple of paragraphs on the history of "worked" wrestling in other times and cultures.

Can somebody mark this as needing more research? My jaw dropped when I read the line "Professional wrestling, already an established sport in the United States by the early s, became international in the late s, when it was introduced to Australia in and Great Britain in Re-reading the current text for this article, it strikes me as a remarkably parochial piece.

The first part seems to concentrate entirely on pro-wrestling in the US, although the timeline is more international in scope. Even so, it still woefully underrepresents the history of wrestling in the UK, Canada, Mexico and even Japan.

I was working with a text dump and i made the article as best I could with the info given. However, pro-wrestling as we know it is different from lucha libre or japanese hardcore wrestling. The confusion probably arises from the fact that the first sanctioning body, as such, was the National Wrestling Association, an offshoot of the National Boxing Association, which was later succeeded by the National Wrestling Alliance.

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If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. A hooker is a dirty wrestler, who uses hooks, illegitimate wrestling holds to gain an advantage in a match. The article originally said it was an experienced wrestler who would help a spectator who had little to no chance of winning an open challenge during an athletic show.

I created an origins section, and would be more than happy to add ancient wrestling history. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. No further edits should be made to this section. The result of the proposal was no consensus to move the page, per the discussion below.

There seems to be support for tagging the article for expansion. Oppose I say leave this page where it is. The purpose of making a WikiProject Pro-Wrestling is to establish a page with wrestling info from all over the world.

In fact, even though pro-wrestling is very American and has great history in American culture, international wrestling could still be added easily to this article. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page. These guys made pop culture and put themselves into the media.

This articles reads more like a factual chronology than a history. The lack of knowledgeable statements make it dull. I want to enliven it from being a simple text dump of facts.

He lied to the media and made it seem as if wrestling was dead during the 60s and 70s, when, in fact, the only difference between the 60s and 70s was that there was no wrestling on television networks; the numbers of fans and the popularity was not changed greatly it only receded a little because it was overexposed during the 50s.

The 80s boom was told as a story by McMahon because he managed to get NY media attention and TV time on network television, and made it seem as if nothing was going on before.The best wrestling schools if you want to become a WWE Superstar.

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Ring of Honor is currently the number three promotion in the United States. Professional Wrestling PPV Results and Recaps.

A discussion about the state of professional wrestling in united states

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wrestling Overview of wrestling, including a discussion of the freestyle and Greco-Roman styles. In the United States, wrestling was popular as a frontier sport (Abraham Lincoln was a noted local wrestler), bouts usually going until one contestant submitted and with few holds barred.

Though professional wrestling steadily .

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