Assignment 008 pttls

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Assignment 008 pttls

What I intend to do In this assignment I will aim to discuss the factors which can affect learning for a student. I will analyse my own teaching style and that of others to see how the theories can be applied and also assess my own success in meeting the needs of the students.

Assignment 008 pttls

The information provided in this Debating Learning Styles Having studied a small number of Assignment 008 pttls styles I will evaluate my own personal learning style and how I can use this through the next three years of my life at Bucks New University.

While we will elaborate on this assertion, it is important to counteract the real harm that may be done by equivocating on the matter. Each person has different personality, behaviour and curiosity; therefore, different people prefer a dissimilar learning style definitely.

Student in university or college are not taught only but they have to learn in their individual learning styles as well as preferences. Learning styles are a unique way of learning in each person, which depend on personal life history, knowledge and experience.

Moreover, learning style is absolutely Assignment 008 pttls and Each of us learns and processes information in our own special style, although we share some learning patterns, preferences, and approaches A personal learning style is the biological and developmental set of characteristics that make identical instructional environments, methods and resources effective for some learners ineffective for others.

Objective Enumerate and identify the different learning styles I will discuss the aspects of the various leaning styles different students have, and the study methods most beneficial to the students. I have taken the inventories, and received the Instruction in Inclusive Schools Professor G.

Scott Conrod McGill University Tuesday, October 22nd, Nowadays, in the field of education, it is pretty well established that all students learn differently.

While some may be visual learners, others can be auditory learner or kinesthetic learners…etc. Is the information presented being taught the same?

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For some patients, that is the problem. Some patients learn differently than others. That does not mean it is only the patients responsibility to adapt and learn the information in a way that is easier for them to understand.

It means that the healthcare professional, especially the nurse giving discharge information, needs to be able to recognize what Everyone learns differently, and there are four different styles of learning.

The learning styles are called diverting, assimilating, converging, and accommodating styles.

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The learning styles are broken down to describe how you learn. They also give examples of the way you learn. Kolb Learning Style Inventory. The diverting style involves learning from many different points of view.

Not everyone learns the same way. The next most important concepts a person in a position to teach needs to understand are the different learning styles. InNeil Fleming developed a model and self-test to help learners understand more about their learning styles.

Fleming enables learners to understand how they learn best by asking a set of The first thing that I need to do is research what different learning styles there is, after I have done this I can determine what are my preferred learning styles. Types of Learning Styles After doing some research I have discovered that there are four main ways of learning.

For each of these four ways Their learning system was developed during the s and was a variation on the David Kolb learning theory. Different measures have been used in different studies.

A study was conducted by The main learning points are that different people have different preferred learning styles and that some people are more flexible in this respect than others. Each one is very different from the other.

Visual learners do best by seeing the lessons and even writing the important things. Auditory learners need to hear it and even reading it aloud to do best.

Meanwhile tactile do better with hands on approach and do better with the physical when learning.unit – roles, responsibilities and boundaries Every profession has roles, responsibilities and boundaries; governed by copious legislation and directed through company policies/ procedures.

These ensure objectives are met and identified persons can be made accountable for their functions. Feb 17,  · 1. What I intend to do In this assignment I will aim to discuss the factors which can affect learning for a student.

Incorporated in this I will discuss theories of ‘learning styles’, comparing and contrasting them and try to identify aspects which can impact upon my practice. PTLLS Assignment Write a report explaining responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity As a teacher there are many ways to promote equality and diversity but .

Assignment 1: Unit – Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning.

Assignment 008 pttls

In my specialism as an English Language Teacher, it is important in my work to make sure the right legislation and regulatory requirements are met and adhered to. Essays the Importance of Literacy Literacy Paper - Words 1/27/ Literacy Memory Assignment It was a muggy spring day, and I was on my way to .

Home > Level 3 Award in education and training (PTTLS). Question: Unit Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning. Level 3 Award in education and training (PTTLS) Summarise key aspects of relevant legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to your own roles and responsibilities.

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