Comic relief of hamlet essay example

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Comic relief of hamlet essay example

Free Essays Must Be Free! Waste no more time! Shakespeare knew the answer to this question and acted upon it quite frequently.

Comic relief of hamlet essay example

Shakespeare has been known to write comedies and tragedies both but this does not qualify him at to not incorporate a little of each into each other. In the work of Hamlet there are many occasions where Shakespeare uses it for different effects.

Comic relief of hamlet essay example

The main reason for the presence of humor within a tragedy is to keep the reader interested. Shakespeare uses many forms of humor including but not limiting wit, pun s, and casual jokes. In the work of Hamlet, Hamlet is usually the character that Shakespeare chooses to bring out the humor in anything.

He becomes a very diverse character in this sense considering he can make a joke out of dead people and even people he kills. Rather a charming person in the face of unpleasant events. To be able to understand humor, we must accept that we cannot understand all of it.

Why something is funny is only determined by the reader and him or herself alone. The smile is the natural expression of the satisfaction that attends the success of Comic relief of hamlet essay example striving. Hamlet often finds humorous occasions especially after he has done something that affects another character.

He takes the inside joke to the limits and smiles upon the defeat of his enemies. This is especially true with the relationship between him and his father-by-marriage. Hamlet puts on the play so that he may have a reassurance that his true father was wrongfully killed by his uncle Claudius.

Once the play had ended so abruptly Hamlet smiles upon the dismay of Claudius knowing that he has finally found the source of revenge. This is not so much humor in a good since but rather a cynical wit of Hamlet. Because of this sort of wit, Hamlet is considered to be a mentally sick person but Hamlet is however sane in his actions.

Hamlet is one to be labeled as a quite witty person. He is rather quick with his words and able to manipulate them is such a fashion to motivate the reader to seek more of this character. Wit becomes a part of him that shows itself more than ever.

In a book by the name of The Psychology of Laughter and Comedy, it gives a description of two main species of wit. These are listed as harmless wit and tendency wit and are both used in the work or Hamlet Greig An example of harmless wit is the time that Hamlet has just come out of hiding after the slaying of Polonius.

Hamlet then is questioned of the whereabouts of the corpse of Polonius and Hamlet then replies, At supper. Then Hamlet refers to the decomposition of the human body proving what he said was true in a comic sense.

To prove the existence of tendency wit we have a scenario in which Hamlet and Polonius are judging the clouds. Hamlet shifts his view of the cloud from a camel to a weasel is a form of exaggerated comic accommodation, the opposite of tragic integrity Snyder Two of the most odd and certainly comic people in the work of Hamlet, are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

Both of these people are considered to be friends of Hamlet by the Queen when in actuality they are not at all. Irony being another form of humor takes roll with these two as they are sent with a death warrant for Hamlet while Hamlet some how knows this he replaces the warrant with one for the death of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

They call the play of Hamlet the tragedy of multiplicity for a good reason considering the state of friendship that also changes very often.

There is then the ever so absent minded Queen Gertrude who likes to claim she knows her son while she, at the same time, professes that she knows nothing through the incorrect portrayal of her own son.

Between her and her husband there are so many misconceptions of their son Hamlet that they could never in their right mind consider that they The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. Log in or register now.An Analytical Essay on Comic Relief in Hamlet - An Analytical Essay on Comic Relief in Hamlet In Hamlet, the majority of the comic relief is dark and depressing.

The main character is obsessed with death and makes morbid jokes about old age, deception, and corpses. Hamlet Analysis: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Essay Throughout the play Hamlet, there are many symbols, characters, themes and motifs which have very significant roles.

Within the context of characters, those with the greatest impact are more often the major characters than the less significant. lterary terms with examples. STUDY. PLAY. comic relief example. grave-digging scene in Hamlet.

comic relief example. essay example. Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" euphemism. substitution of an inoffensive word or phrase for another that would be harsh, offensive, or embarrassing.

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Hamlet, the play’s protagonist and the young Prince of Denmark, is thought to be crazy by many members of . Comic Relief. Played by the right actor, self-absorbed, long-winded, and dull becomes completely hilarious.

Check out the scene where Hamlet's directing the players (actors). Polonius is hilarious.

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