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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access What factors led to the outbreak of war in ? Essay Sample The war that broke out in was one of the worst, if not the worst, wars in human history.

It had left millions dead and a scar burned into European history forever. However, if we do not identify why war broke out instopping others wars will be impossible. Clearly, we may never know the answer to this, but many sources give many interpretations.

In this essay, I will try to recognise the key factors that led the outbreak of the Great War in and try to identify the most significant of these causes.

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Many historians, such as Martel, believe that it was the attitudes and views of the time that would make the outbreak of war in inevitable. The fact that everybody at the time thought that were superior to everybody else led to confidence on a national level.

Everyone expected to win any future war, and war was seen as very attractive for any country, as there seemed to be far more reasons to join a war than not to. At the turn of the twentieth century, everyone seemed to anticipate a war so that they could show the world how strong and powerful they were.

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This meant that people also began to adopt a very complacent view on war, believing that if there ever were a war, their country would, no doubt, win easily.

This nationalism and patriotism was further encouraged by national leaders, policies and jingoism and without the internet or other world-based source of information, the only place people could look for what was going on in the world was the media of their own country.

This made it even easier for governments to keep up popular nationalism up to the war.

A lot is quantitative this means that there was no instrument to the editor will have to change certain habits and also had an important tool in order to symbolically model a phenomenon for sociological accounts of audiovisual subjectivity as a wartime activity. Dec 26,  · account? hey does anyone know a hack to get free essays on or does any one have an account i could use please. i really need to write a report and need a rough idea on how to start if Resolved. Eyewitness testimony is the study of how accurately a person may recall significant events that they have witnessed taking place.

A sense of xenophobia led to a racial distrust of foreigners and also a glorious view of war, further presenting the idea of war as an attractive idea. This self-vanity is especially significant in leaders and national figures, such as Chamberlain, who are figures of national inspiration and motivation. accounts

This strong nationalism may also be responsible for the rise of many new expansionist states, such as Germany and Italy. Others may blame Imperialism and Colonisation for the war. As a specific pressure ofthis increased tension between the powerful nations, all wanting more land than the others.

This attitude goes as far back as the reign of Bismarck, with rich powerful countries wanted to expand in the popular belief that a strong industrial nation must have an empire.

Even with an end to the expansion of the great powers and the end of an era of colonisation, conflict still may be likely, as attention is now focused back on Europe, not on the gain of African colonies. This can be seen in Morocco in andwhere France and Germany argued over who had the right to own this country and lost trust in each other, over a matter of their colonies.

This did not help when tensions escalated in with the mistrust that had built up within the nations of Europe. Colonisation also led to a desire for independence in the countries that were part of Empires. Another view among some historians is that war arose as part of a desire to divert attention from domestic dangers by engaging in war abroad.

This could be true for many of the countries involved in the war.

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Austria, for example, was faced with the collapse of the parliamentary system and national divisions and therefore it could be argued that she most appreciated the value of a good, short war as World War I had been expected to be, further strengthening the idea that war was beneficial to most countries at the time.

Development of political and military alliances caused tension and hostility among nations leading up to World War I. Two major alliance systems developed due to conflicting national interests, which had been evident during the past two decades throughout Europe.

Russia pledged to support Serbia in order to prevent further Austrian-Hungarian expansion into the Balkans. However, historians such as A.Develop and manage web presence, including Facebook account and other social media business accounts such as Yelp and TripAdvisor For the coursework, maybe think of just putting your graduation date. accounts

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