Factors that may complicate the growth prospects

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Factors that may complicate the growth prospects

Economic Snapshot for the Euro Area October 24, Growth drops to five-year low in Q3 Preliminary data revealed that the Eurozone economy slowed notably in the third quarter.

GDP grew a seasonally-adjusted 0. The sharp deceleration is expected to be partly due to one-off shocks, especially as car production in the quarter was disrupted by new emissions tests.

Cyprus, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia also all saw their economies lose some steam in the third quarter from the previous period.

A recovery in household spending was behind the improved result as a return to normal temperatures and an end to strikes led to higher expenditures on energy and transport, respectively. National accounts data is still outstanding for the remaining economies.

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The slowdown is expected to be temporary, and FocusEconomics panelists project the Eurozone to expand 0. Political tensions are high within the bloc, with Italy especially in the spotlight after the Italian government refused to capitulate to demands from the EU Commission to amend its expansionary budget.

The country consequently looks set to enter a long battle with the institution, spooking financial markets. The agreement outlines the divorce bill, a political statement on the future relationship as well as a transition period until at least December to give more time for the two parties to thrash out the future trade arrangement.

The transition period can also be extended once if needed and should help give businesses and governments more time to adjust to a change in the relationship after 45 years of marriage. Overall, the agreement would help reduce economic uncertainty over Brexit and boost economic sentiment.

Nevertheless, while the deal appears set to be cleared by EU-members, it is uncertain if Prime Minister Theresa May will garner sufficient support for the agreement in the House of Commons. Against a tough and fractured political backdrop, France and Germany unveiled a joint paper on 16 November, supporting a common Eurozone budget, breathing life into talk of strengthening Eurozone reforms.

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The budget would be designed to help spur investment, co-finance public spending and encourage reforms in the bloc. While it could help boost growth and faith in the Eurozone if implemented, the plan is likely to meet resistance from many countries and could take years to become a reality.

That said, an improving labor market and still-accommodative monetary policy should continue to power the recovery onwards. FocusEconomics panelists project GDP to expand 1. Growth is seen softening slightly to 1. Eight economies saw their forecasts downgraded this month, including France, Germany and Italy.

The bulk of the remaining countries saw no changes to their forecasts, while Malta and Portugal were the only economies to have their forecasts upgraded. Saddled with high unemployment and low productivity, Italy is expected to be the slowest growing economy by far and is seen expanding just 1.

Among the remaining heavyweights, the Spanish economy is predicted to grow at 2. Against the backdrop of increasing political turmoil and following a series of disappointing monthly data, national accounts data showed that the economy shrank for the first time in over three years in the third quarter.

This was chiefly due to a weaker external sector, which weighed on the economy and likely suffered from trade-related uncertainties and some one-off effects. Meanwhile, domestic demand painted a mixed picture with private consumption decreasing despite elevated consumer confidence and a low unemployment rate.

The economy is expected to rebound in the fourth quarter. Business sentiment was robust in October and consumer sentiment remained elevated through November. The composite PMI, furthermore, continued to indicate improved business conditions, although the growth rate remains at a two-year low.

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Resilient domestic demand and a pick-up in exports growth should buttress the economy next year. Private consumption is expected to benefit from the minimum wage increase from 1 January.

However, a disorderly Brexit and a flare-up in tensions between the EU and the United States remain dark clouds on the horizon. FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast panelists expect the economy to expand 1. A weaker-than expected recovery in domestic demand saw household spending rebound on higher expenditures for energy and transport amid the return to normal temperatures and an end to public-transit strikes.

Moreover, corporate investment supported upbeat fixed-capital spending and offset a slump in residential investment. On the external front, exports accelerated. Available fourth-quarter data points to similar year-end dynamics: Private-sector gains appeared to stabilize in October, although economic sentiment trended lower.

Demand-side gains are expected to support stable, if unremarkable, growth next year. Downside risks include a pullback in global trade and any escalation of the U. FocusEconomics analysts see growth at 1.

Get the full FocusEconomics Consensus Forecast Euro Area ITALY Government refuses to yield in budget battle Following over three years of uninterrupted gradual growth, the economy stagnated in the third quarter, owing to muted contributions from both domestic and external demand.

Survey-based indicators point to protracted economic weaknesses in the fourth quarter as tensions between the government and the European Commission EC escalate. On 13 November, the government returned the budget to the EC essentially unchanged after the Commission demanded spending growth was moderated and the target-deficit narrowed substantially, thus significantly increasing the likelihood that the EC will launch an infringement procedure against the country for breaching EU budgetary rules.The Four Factors of Motivation.

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Factors that may complicate the growth prospects

Growth Prospects in China and India Compared Richard Herd and Sean Dougherty 1 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Abstract This paper compares the growth prospects of China and India through a growth accounting analysis.

knowledge of the movement of factor inputs. The measurement of such inputs and. the factors discussed above, prospects have deteriorated for emerging economies, where growth is expected to rebound but to more moderate levels than previously projected, and the euro area, which will remain in recession in and will grow at just under 1 percent in , weaker than.

Economic Factors.

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There are many economic factors that may affect eBay revenues and growth prospects directly, as well as, indirectly. The exchange rate between USD and other currencies is a major factor affecting eBay’s reported profits.

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Strong Backlog & Solid Growth Prospects: NCI Building recorded % higher consolidated backlog at the end of fiscal third-quarter , banking on solid contribution from key leading indicators.

Factors that may complicate the growth prospects