Homemade prothesis hands

However prosthetic finger attachments can restore the ability, the look, and the usage of having real fingers. The prosthetic finger was created to give someone the use of a fully functioning hand.

Homemade prothesis hands

Be able to use a computer keyboard. A flex and release mechanism, of which at least the flex mechanism is controlled by a human act. Strength enough to press down a key on the keyboard. A tip that is precise enough to select one key at a time.

Operate the prototype and let it push a letter on a computer keyboard. Table listing a desired quality together with its related design requirements and the test.

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Now that you have a list of desired qualities for your prosthetic hand, including the design requirements, you can start brainstorming and create a first sketch of the design. Note that the anatomy of a prosthesis does not necessarily replicate the human anatomy, but you may still find that mirroring the anatomical structure of the human hand is a good place to start as you brainstorm for your project.

Once your sketch is done, continue following the engineering design process to develop and build a prototype. Figure 1 shows some example designs of prosthetic hands created by Science Buddies staff using drinking straws, rubber washers, polymer clay, upholstery thread and rubber gloves.


Collage of prosthetic hands or fingers created by Science Buddies staff. As another example, Figure 2 shows a hand made using wood. Many other materials could be used, such as irrigation tubing, rulers for fingers or to create an arm, or hinges from the hardware store or craft store can be handy to create joints.

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Try using a medical glove or just its fingers or skinny balloons the kind used to make balloon animals to mimic the skin and increase the hand's grip.

Prosthetic hand made by Science Buddies staff. The thumb has a separate joint from the other fingers so that it can move separately, and has a rubber band in the back to pull its spring back in place.

Once you have made your first model, take a good look.

Build a Helping Hand

Do you like it? Does it inspire you to make it even better? This is your opportunity to learn. You can move on to the test and redesign step of the engineering design process. Put your hand to the test and record your results. State clearly what worked and what did not work so well, so you or other people can benefit from your findings!

Share your story with Science Buddies!Creating a prosthetic hand that performs all the tasks a human hand can handle is clearly a daunting task, so in this science project you will select only a couple of tasks to work on. Before you start creating, you might want to do some background research on the anatomy of human hands.

May 18,  · Click show more My daughter had a science project and we needed to make a functional prosthetic hand. I am sorry that I didn't make a tutorial for this.

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Cardboard, String, Rubber Bands and Prosthetic Hands Eighth-graders at North Middle School spent the week building functioning prosthetic hands with household items. It was a test of creativity. This Instructable details how to construct a basic animatronic hand controllable by servo.

It is part of a larger "DIY Prosthetic" series, however it can also be utilized for other robotic hand related purposes.

Homemade prothesis hands

Feb 06,  · How to Make a Fake Hand. Whether you need a simple idea for a science project or a prop for your next Halloween party, you can't go wrong with a fake hand.

In , a man who lost both hands when a homemade bomb exploded was finally able to create a new pair of arms after eight years of planning. Sun Jifa could not afford the hospital's prosthetic limbs after the explosive, designed for blast fishing, detonated prematurely, but he desperately needed the use of his hands to work on the family farm. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. For an unusual and impressive science project, you can create a prosthetic hand that feels lifelike and looks realistic. Your key ingredient, latex, can easily be purchased online or at most craft and hobby stores.

Teach younger kids how a hand works by 83%(34). Make a Homemade Prosthetic Hand. How To: Use myoelectric hook and hand prosthetic for amputees. A below elbow arm amputee demonstrates how to don and operate his myoelectric prosthetic hook and hand.

This is a first hand account of what goes into using prosthetic hands and hooks for individuals with arm amputations.

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