Is fashion as communication for both

Fashion as Communication by Mathilde Jansson Fashion as Communication by Malcom Barnard investigates the connections between the concept of fashion, communication and culture. It aims to clarify that fashion and clothing are means of communication. The aim of this chapter is also to examine what statements clothes make and what kinds of communication are involved, also, if fashion and clothing are cultural phenomena and what type.

Is fashion as communication for both

In more recent years, people have begun to broaden the definition of the term to include forms such as art, music, poetry and dance. As our understanding of communication has expanded from simply the verbal aspect, the body as a whole has become a tool with which to create, convey and represent messages.

The body as an instrument of communication does not just mean that the mouth speaks, the hands mold or the feet move. We communicate even further on a non- verbal level by what we chose to cover ourselves with.

For centuries, people have used the language of dress to express personal things such as race, class, gender, ethnicity and religion but also larger social and political movements.

Every language has a vocabulary and grammar, which act as rules of communicating with others. We learn the rules of our spoken language at a very young age, not only in school but also from hearing people speak around us, and participating in conversation.

The way in which we know how to speak was not entirely taught to us, as we develop a subconscious understanding of what is grammatically correct through the lived experience of speaking and listening to others.

Fashion, just as any other language, has its own grammar. There are unspoken rules about what matches, what is appropriate, what to wear in certain situations and what is unacceptable.

And while every language has different accents and dialects, so does fashion.

Is fashion as communication for both

Different cultures, religions and groups of people have different ways of constructing outfits to communicate their beliefs, customs and history. Similar to spoken language, these rules are learned from our family, friends, groups to which we belong, and the media. Just as words are put together to create sentences, the building blocks of the speech of fashion are put together to create outfits or certain looks.

Some people have a very large vocabulary of clothing and can create a plethora of outfits to communicate different things at different times.

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Others have a limited vocabulary, whether because of economic restrictions or by choice, and have limited options for conveying messages using clothing.

Choosing the right words to express your thoughts is critical in making sure you get your message across the way you want it to be understood. Saying the wrong thing can cause a lot of damage to yourself and the person who hears you. While you may use a more formal way of speaking with teachers and employers, you may use a more casual form of speech with family and friends.

Fashion plays the same role. Certain outfits, hair styles or make up may be appropriate at specific times and places, and offensive at others. You may wear one thing in front of your parents, and another thing out with your friends.

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For example, a mini skirt, high heals and heavy eye shadow are perfect for going to a bar, but may be detrimental to a job interview at a law firm.May 13,  · Fashion is often used to create a sense of community amongst a group of people, and to separate between those in the group and those outside the group.

This is true for cultural clothing, such as Sari’s worn by traditional Indian women, but also for smaller subcultures such as sports teams. In Fashion as Communication, Malcolm Barnard considers the meaning of fashion in society from a variety of theoretical perspectives.

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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Fashion as communication: A semiotic analysis of fashion on ‘Sex and the City’ | In this article, I demonstrate the phenomenal role that fashion, as a form of communication, plays within contemporary society specifically in television media.

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Fashion Statements: Communication and Culture. Introduction. Modern, western people are accustomed to the way in which the clothes they wear Both fashion itself and the communicative function of fashion are perceived as being unproblematic and well-understood in.

Fashion as Communication by Malcolm Barnard