Landscape timber projects

LandscapingLandscape designLandscape architectureGardenand Park The Chinese garden is a landscape garden style which has evolved over three thousand years. It includes both the vast gardens of the Chinese emperors and members of the Imperial Family, built for pleasure and to impress, and the more intimate gardens created by scholars, poets, former government officials, soldiers and merchants, made for reflection and escape from the outside world.

Landscape timber projects

Construction was completed in May and the interior design phase in December The hospital is currently establishing operational protocols and hiring key senior staff. The first Radiology and Nephrology patients will be received in the second quarter of A landscape with therapeutic value is purposely designed in a way that encourages patients and their visitors to interact with nature, in order to aid the process of healing.

This choice to interact with nature, as well as making decisions while experiencing the garden, provides patients with a sense of control at a time when their health and wellbeing is in the control of others.

In return, this sense of control, combined with the sensory benefits of Landscape timber projects in a garden, physical activity and social interaction, results in a reduction in stress which ultimately leads to quicker recovery times and good health.

The successful design of a therapeutic landscape rests on four pillars namely: The knowledge and understanding of these principles, as well as consultation with our client, medical specialists and other design professional, guided us in all aspects of the therapeutic design process.

We also explored the relatively new concept of Horticultural Therapy and hope that our efforts will result in this programme being offered by the hospital. The landscape comprises of 5 internal courtyard gardens on two levels and 5 external garden spaces, with specific functions that relate to the programming of the hospital.

As a visit to a hospital is usually a stressful experience for children and their families, the landscape design aims to create a welcoming experience with elements such as colourful signage, comfortable seating, large trees and flowering plants. The Visitor Garden which leads from the reception areas, aims to provide a continuation of this welcoming experience.

It includes Landscape timber projects cafe terrace overlooking a circular pond, seating and a lawn area that can be utilised for fund-raising events. In this space, young visitors will have the opportunity to release pent-up energy away from the controlled hospital environment.

The play elements include a colourful timber climbing structure with a slide, swings, a climbing net and a chalk-board, as well as a bird-bath and a mounded lawn. Two ride-on toys are mounted on a colourful mosaic panel depicting insects and animals, by artist Bronwyn Findlay.

Playful sculptures of animals by artist Winston Luthuli are waiting to be discovered between the plants and under the climbing structure.

The Sensory Horticultural Therapy Garden and Occupational Therapy Garden will provide an outdoor venue for the therapy programmes offered by the hospital. These activities reduce boredom and stress, resulting in happier children that recover faster. The three raised planters in the Sensory Garden will allow children standing or in wheelchairs to easily touch, smell and harvest the plant material, which have been carefully selected for their sensory properties.

Herbs and vegetables can be washed at a work bench which also provide storage space for gardening tools.

The Landscape Spaces of Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

The small seating area with tables and chairs can facilitate structured activities and informal meetings. The design of the Occupational Therapy Garden can accommodate different types of psychological and physical therapies.

The design aims to provide for a broad range of functional requirements and to appeal visually to children, in order to motivate them to take part in their prescribed therapy.

Therapeutic elements in this space include a sand-pit, water-play-basin, rubberized tri-cycle track, ride-on toys and an artificial lawn area where physical therapy equipment can be placed outdoors. A small seating area can be used for informal meetings and therapy sessions.

The courtyards have been grouped into 3 active — and 2 passive healing courtyard gardens and the design for each space has been influenced by the nature of the surrounding hospital functions. The Day —Play — and Family Gardens are active courtyard gardens on the ground floor level and will mostly serve as outdoor waiting and activity areas for day visitors.

In-patients who are well enough, will also be encouraged to visit the courtyard gardens with their family or care-givers.

The Day garden is a small courtyard garden close to the reception area. Visitors are drawn to this courtyard by a life-sized, interactive sculpture of a toy train, by artist Mary Sibande.

The sculpture is placed on a timber deck surrounded by densely planted trees which will provide shade when mature.


Timber benches and colourful tables with chairs provide seating. The Play Garden situated opposite the Day Garden is divided into a lower terrace over natural ground and an upper terrace constructed over slab.

The timber decking and forest like planting of the Day garden is continued on the lower terrace, while the upper terrace is a multi-functional activity space, framed by flowering planting and covered by a rubberized play surface.

A raised interactive water element, allows children to sail paper boats and to touch the shallow layer of water and underlying contoured sandstone surface.

The largest element in the space is called the Tree House, as it features a seating platform that is reached by a ladder, monkey-bars and a basket-swing. An oversized Umlabalaba game board has been incorporated into the rubberized floor and the play pieces are made from cast polyurethane and wood.

Children can draw and write on the colourful chalkboard structure named The Caterpillar and play with the abacus made from skateboard wheels. Movable seats in the shape of petals and circles can be moved around to create images and patterns that can be viewed from the first floor windows.

The Family Garden at the far end of the Central Spine, is also divided into a lower — and an upper area and framed by flowering planting. The floor surface is covered by rubberized flooring and colourful mosaic tiles.The services we provide always include our commitment to finishing the job the way you want it, in a timely manner and at a fair price.

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Landscape timber projects

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