Lord mahavira essay help

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Lord mahavira essay help

The following points highlight the six lord mahavira essay help teachings of Mahavira. Belief in Soul and Karma 2. Non-Belief in God 4. Rejection of Vedas 5. Belief in Soul and Karma: According to Mahavira every element was a combination of material and spiritual factors.

While the material factor is perishable, the spiritual factor is external and consistently evolving itself. He held that the soul was held in a state of bondage due to karma.

The soul can be released from the bondage by getting rid of passions.

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He believed that the soul could be finally liberated only by the disintegration of Karmik force. According to him with the decay of the karmas the intrinsic value of the soul can be highlighted and the soul shines in full luminosity. When the soul attains infinite greatness it becomes Paramatma, the pure soul, with infinite knowledge, power and bliss.

He therefore insisted on avoiding evil Karmas, prevent all kinds of fresh Karmas and destroy the existing ones. According to him this could be attained through five vows viz. In addition to taking these five vows he also insisted on principles of right conduct, right faith and right knowledge.

Right conduct implied a dispassionate attitude towards senses. He said that we must treat the sufferings and happiness on equal planks. Right faith meant belief in the Jinas and right knowledge meant the knowledge of the eventual liberation.

Mahavira did not believe in God nor did he believe that He created the world or exercised any personal control over it. According to him the world never comes to an end. No matter ends, it simply changes its form. Since the universe is also composed of certain matters it simply changes its form.

We clearly find the influence of the Sankhya philosophy as far as this principle is concerned. The man was the maker of his own destiny. While leading a life of austerity and self-mortification man can get rid of his miseries and sorrows.

Jainism also rejected the theory of the Vedas and attached no importance to the sacrificial rituals of the Brahmans. Mahavira laid too much importance on Ahimsa. According to him all creatures, animals, plants, stones, rocks etc.

Though this principle was not entirely a new one, credit goes to the Jains that they popularized it and thereby put an end to the practice of various types of sacrifices.

Mahavira favoured the freedom of women and believed that they also had the right to attain Nirvana. In this respect Mahavira followed the example of his predecessor, Parsva Nath.

Women were allowed in the Jain Sangha and many women became Sarmini and Sravikas.

lord mahavira essay help

It will be evident from the above teachings of Mahavira that he was more of a reformer of the existing religion rather than the founder of a new faith. It recognised no Supreme Being, but there was a whole galaxy of deified men who had been spiritually great.6 Important Teachings of Mahavira | Jainism.

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Lord mahavira essay writing

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Lord Mahavira is the founder of Jainism. He was born in BC in a village called Kunda in Bihar. His father Siddhartha was a chief nobleman from the Kshatriya dynasty. His mother's name was. Short Essay on Lord Mahavira. Article shared by. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

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