Louis napoleon bonaparte

His presumed father was Louis Bonapartethe younger brother of Napoleon Bonapartewho made Louis the King of Holland from until They had a difficult relationship, and only lived together for brief periods. Their first son died in and—though separated—they decided to have a third. They resumed their marriage for a brief time in Toulouse in Julyand Louis was born prematurely, two weeks short of nine months.

Louis napoleon bonaparte

Instead, he became an irritable hypochondriac and literary dilettante who fathered another emperor. Born on September 2, in Ajaccio, Louis was nine years younger than Napoleon. He was still a baby when the latter left Corsica to start school in France.

A few months later Napoleon wrote to his older brother Joseph: I am teaching him mathematics and geography and he is reading history.

Louis napoleon bonaparte

He will be an excellent pupil. All the women round here love him. He has quite the proper French manner; when he goes into company he bows with grace and says the correct things with as much gravity and dignity as if he were thirty.

I can easily see that he will be the best of the four of us, and at least none of us will have had so fine an education…. He is a charming pupil and works because he likes it rather than from self-respect.

Napoleon made him work hard, and Louis missed Corsica. He wrote to Joseph suggesting that he might come home. Louis Bonaparte the soldier Napoleon had decided that Louis should become a soldier. In Januaryas a freshly promoted artillery general, Napoleon attached Louis to his staff with the rank of sub-lieutenant.

Napoleon wrote to Joseph: I miss Louis badly; he was a great help to me… Now he is not here, I can attend only to the most important things. Louis bore himself bravely in the Italian campaign of and was promoted to the rank of captain. Byhowever, Louis was starting to suffer from the bouts of illness real and imagined and depression that would plague him for the rest of his life.

He did not want to go on the Egyptian campaign, but Napoleon told him he must forget a love affair which Napoleon ended by marrying the girl off to someone elsestop talking about devoting himself to poetry and literature, and be a soldier.

This was no benefit to the regiment: Louis declared he was ill, took the waters at Aix, wrote poems in Paris, and avoided the campaign against the Austrians. Napoleon refused to admit his promising pupil had become a dreamy hypochondriac. In late he said: There is no longer any need of our worrying our minds about looking for my successor.

I have found one. He has none of the defects of my other brothers, and he has all their good qualities. Neither Louis nor Hortense felt any attraction for each other, but they could not resist the pressure to wed.

They were married January 4, and their first son, Napoleon-Charles, was born on October 10 of that year. Louis — who had by now joined his regiment as a preferable alternative to being with Hortense — was promoted to brigadier general the following April.

A second son, Napoleon-Louis, was born October 11, When Napoleon became Emperor and it became increasingly clear that he and Josephine could not produce an heir, they proposed to adopt Napoleon-Charles as a means of securing the imperial succession. Both Louis and Hortense objected.He was one of three younger brothers of the Emperor Napoleon I.

Napoleon made him King of Holland in and deposed him as King in He was married to Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter of Napoleon's first wife Josephine. During the reign of Napoleon I, Louis had been made the Count of St.

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Leu. Napoleon III, generally known as "Louis Napoléon" before he became emperor, was the son of Louis Bonaparte. He married Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter by the first marriage of Napoleon's wife Josephine de Beauharnais.

Louis napoleon bonaparte

Louis-Napoléon was a second son and a replacement child. Louis Bonaparte, (born March 16, , Paris—died June 1, , near Ulundi, Zululand), French prince imperial, the only son of Napoleon III by Empress Eugénie.

He was a delicate boy, but when the Franco-German War of broke out his mother sent him to the army. Louis I of Holland (Lodewijk Napoleon in Dutch) (), was the younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made him King of the Kingdom of Holland in He served with his brother in the Italian campaign of –97 and in Egypt in – Louis, Prince Napoléon (Louis Jérôme Victor Emmanuel Léopold Marie; 23 January – 3 May ) was a member of the Bonaparte dynasty.

He was the pretender to the Imperial throne of France, as Napoléon VI, from until his schwenkreis.comsor: Napoléon VII, Napoléon VII. Louis I of Holland (Lodewijk Napoleon in Dutch) (), was the younger brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made him King of the Kingdom of Holland in He served with his brother in the Italian campaign of –97 and in Egypt in –

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