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Read all about it coursework

In the twentieth century, particularly the past two decades, the political power to influence others resides in information: People rely on the media for their information, as it is Read all about it coursework most easily accessible, efficient, and passive way of acquiring knowledge.

Unfortunately, the media is not completely reliable as it can and has been manipulated by politicians, their parties, and their governments. This makes the media a powerful weapon as politicians use it to effect voters political choices through advertising, change popular opinion on issues of state, and debasing political campaigns through smear tactics.

You can protect them from someone they are, or make them more of what they are". Since what a politician hopes to ultimately do is persuade people to vote for, or buy, their political platform, they would be foolish to not take advantage of the captive and passive audience of the advertising mass media.

Two cases of advertising manipulation on voters was during the Canadian National Referendum of and the Quebec Referendum of During the National Referendum of over the Charlottetown Accord "three hours of free broadcast time was made available during prime time on every radio and television network that met the statutory criteria" 3 according to the Referendum Act.

This allotment of advertising time did not take into account the print advertisement that was plastered all over the daily and weekly news periodicals calling for people to vote for their side. In the Toronto Star all the month of October the "Yes" campaign, fronted by Brian Mulroney, took out ads that had powerful bylines printed in bold type like this one of October This statement is an attempt to manipulate not only the voter who will take the time to read the reasons in smaller print, but also the voter who only glances through the paper as their attention is caught, even if it is only for a second, to the bold type and the powerful finality of the statement.

There is a more indirect method as well where politicians use the news media to try to convey their message and hope the news will air or print it. During the National Referendum campaign the "No" side relied on this factor more than the "Yes" side did.

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In a Globe and Mail article before the vote, the reporter regurgitated what Judy Rebick had said about the "Yes" side being "top-heavy with politicians, government types, and opinion leaders" 6and how the public respects the "No" side as it is "something that comes from the grassroots" 7.

The only difference was that the advertisement was localized to Quebec only. As with the Referendum the local periodicals in Quebec were littered with advertisements for votes: This ad was meant to persuade Quebec citizens to vote no as Canada is very generous to them.

Politicians in Quebec also took advantage of the indirect media advertising when they recited political rhetoric to reporters hoping it will be printed: This statement by the Liberal House leader works just as well as a paid advertisement as a result of it being short, concise, and the main messages are clear: This trend goes as far back as Nazi Germany when the streets of Germany were littered with propaganda posters and literature condemning other countries and their ideologies, for instance: Propaganda has always been an affective form of manipulation and has stood the test of time but there are other forms of media manipulation that have altered viewpoints.

Read all about it coursework

The time that preceded world war two in Canada the issue of conscription was a very volatile issue which Prime Minister Mackenzie King endeavored to deal with a referendum. Barring the result of the referendum, Mackenzie King new he would have support on any decision he made as most periodicals knew whom they had to aid during the war.

In a letter from J. Of course, the coming of the war will change the [approach to] the editorial page Cretien at the massive Montreal No rally" This cabinet team "sprung out of sudden haste" 16 and its airy "mandate is to try and give recommendations to the Prime Minister The lack of real direction and purpose in the mandate of this team suggests that its emergence was to assure the public that the government is still in control and has alternate plans to deal with the problem.

The reality is that there can be no control over something that the government only has a half say in, there is no control on the side of Quebec because the Parti Quebecois has political power at this time.Coursework get an assignment, which is given to students for the whole semester, and it requires them to complete a coursework paper, a set creative writing jobs in south africa works, or projects..

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