The debate about the real proof of the existence of aliens

I have watched shows about UFO's and aliens but I just see pitures of UFO's and stories I'm wondering if anyone has seen a spacecraft while in space or flying a plane.

The debate about the real proof of the existence of aliens

Maybe you should alert NASA's astronaut program that the men they send into space are seeing things that aren't there. I'm sure they would be glad to know that.

Can't have mainstream media begin to think like all the crazies now, can we?

The debate about the real proof of the existence of aliens

Being wrong doesn't mean that one is crazy. You have to insist that you're right even though you've seen the overwhelming evidence against your position to qualify for that denigrating designator.

In any case, CNN is only interested in ratings.

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They'd spotlight a talking turtle if they thought they could get away with it. I can see Wolf Blitzer doing the interview.

Beyond this example of using the public’s unknown fear in a political-nationalist key, far exceeded the millions of evidence (more or less indirectly) of the existence of UFOs and aliens: testimonies, photographs, filming, documents. Ah yes, aliens. The eternal question: Are humans the only life in the universe? Absolutely. Have you seen any other forms of life in the universe? Didn’t think so. Throughout millennia of humanity looking at the stars, not a single scientist (amateur or professional) has confirmed the existence of life on any other planet but our own. Proof That Aliens Created Mankind Exists in Ancient Biblical Texts. Updated on July 12, John Fitzgerald. more. (This is not the forum to debate whether or not Pluto is a planet.) JPL states that its existence has been absolutely identified due to the gravitational fluctuations it exerts on the outer planets of our solar system.

Edgar Mitchell isn't crazy, as far as I know, but he's not your typical astronaut. He's been a strong believer in the paranormal; he even started his own institute. You might even say that he discovered Uri Gellerand has seen other things with his own eyes that defy natural explanation.

Neither his sense perception nor his ability to avoid being duped by a conjurer improved by becoming an astronaut. He's as capable as anybody of misinterpreting observational data or being duped by a minor magician.

He's also capable of either lying or deceiving himself. He claims that the ESP experiment he did while in space "showed that what had worked in the laboratory also worked in space with the same positive results.

The experiment was a joke. Gordon Cooper 's entitled to his opinion. Again, as far as I know, he's a "normie" as the diagnosed sometimes refer to those of us who have not been diagnosed.

We await the proof that the government has been hiding evidence for half a century that the aliens have landed.

Anybody can claim a cover-up and conspiracy, but the proof hasn't been produced by either of these fine gentlemen. You and other "debunkers" of UFO evidence disregard logic, disabuse the notion of participating in any serious scientific investigation of the topic on your own, and simply nay say.

I laugh at some of the stories, particularly regarding abductions, but I began my belief in extraterrestrial visitations to Earth from ground zero, meaning, without any opinion on the topic at all.

After careful consideration of the evidence I have seen and considered the debate from witnesses, and from scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists and lay persons on both sides of the debate, I am convinced that extraterrestrials are real, that they visit us regularly in various sorts of unfathomable spacecraft, and that we will only be seeing and hearing more and more about and from them.

What is your evidence that those of us who do not share your conclusion are driven by fear? Referring to our disagreement with you as "pious" indicates you think we are belittling you because you believe UFOs are spacecraft from other worlds.

Maybe you are taking our critiques too personally.


We've carefully examined the evidence, too, including the evidence from the psychology of perception and belief. You deny that "evidence" exists of extraterrestrial existence and visitation to our planet. I say that you are simply on denial. If we can put a man to death based upon eyewitness accounts, then eyewitness accounts are indeed "evidence" adequate in themselves to support the claims that alien UFOs exist and visit us.

This is especially so where multiple, unrelated accounts of the same visitation are reported.Discover wild animals and meet friendly reindeer on magical trip to see the Northern Lights in Finland. Every one of us is made up of atoms that were once part of an exploding star, including atomic carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen — some of the fundamental ingredients for life.

Over billions of years. We accept these facts as factual evidence against the existence of Aliens getting Earth from other worlds; but also, against the falsehood of an “obvious evidence” on the existence of life forms on other worlds of our Universe. This issue has triggered debate as well as controversy amongst humans for hundreds of years.

Roswell and Suffolk’s Rendlesham Woodland, are the actual sightings that UFO predators have called evidence of . Oct 04,  · The Drake equation speculates about the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

The science of extraterrestrial life in all its forms is known as exobiology. The real proof of the existence of UFOs It's not guaranteed that every video is real. I upload these videos on my channel so people can decide themself which video is real and which isn't.

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