The ladys dressing room 2 essay

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The ladys dressing room 2 essay

The poetic speaker looks through the eyes of his protagonist Strephon and conducts a meticulous list of his findings. Therefore, the poem can be understood as a satire, or even a parody compared to the glorification of women in other traditional literary genres, such as in the blason.

The text, with its predominant use of various styles of irony, becomes a provocative mockery: To illustrate this statement, we can take the opening line of the poem: The poetic speaker scoffs at the idea that a woman such as Celia takes an eternity to prepare in dressing.

The ladys dressing room 2 essay

The punctuation also has a certain relevance in order to produce a greater effect. In effect, the speaker successfully gets his point through using this figure of speech rather than making a direct statement: The speaker is judgmental: The poetic speaker suggests a clearer — yet deceptive and offensive — image of Celia.

The speaker is honest by accentuating the positive terms that define Celia, but the fact that it is in a context where only her excruciating deeds are described makes the irony even more impressive. The inventory of her private sphere is provocative, as the speaker perpetually wants to smear the image of Celia.

The poetic speakers questions: And must you needs to describe the chest? The poem offers quite an offensive inclination towards women. In addition, the speaker emphasizes the elements of her face and body parts; and finally gives a horrifying representation of her excrement.

We can argue the reason behind this mockery: Are men curious to discover women in their private sphere? To read the poem, please click on the following link:The Lady’s Dressing Room presented the overall, conclusive premise of womanhood, as particularly exemplified by Celia.

From Belinda being the particular, the universality of womanhood was defined. From the generality of womanhood, the rationalization of the particularness of Celia came about.

In an attempt to arouse amusement over a true to life trivial incident, Alexander Pope wrote this poem in mocking heroic verse form.

The ladys dressing room 2 essay

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Strephon's Punishment for His Method of Reading in "The Lady's Dressing Room" In Greek mythology, Pandora, a stunningly beautiful mortal, is created to punish man for his disobedience to Zeus, the supreme ruler of the Greek gods.

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Essay on The Lady’s Dressing Room - In the poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room,” written by Jonathan Swift, one may say he portrays himself to be a chauvinist by ridiculing women and their cryptic habits.

However, others may say he wants to help women from the ideals placed upon them by society and prove to be an early feminist.

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