Warrior copywriting a book

The letter consisted of two pages printed front and back. It was mailed in a small No. You see, it only ran words. It is considered the most successful sales letter of all time.

Warrior copywriting a book

Keeper of the White Flame Crystals: Moon and Mercury Day of the week: You are off on a journey of self-discovery and this is where you start to collect the tools required for the road ahead.

This first step marks a fresh page, a new beginning. Even though this Archangel is often referred to as being male, for me Gabriel is a strong and powerfully feminine Light. She guides each soul from conception to birth, showering us with blessings of love and gifting us with an inner knowledge of our true soul purpose.

Guardian of the Moon, she lights the way forward in darkness and whispers messages of hope, encouragement and creative wisdom in our ears. She sows seeds and instigates change.

The practical exercises in this chapter will show you how to: Opening up the channels of communication Working with the angels may feel a little daunting at first, but just as we all breathe the same air, are made from the same minerals, elements and water, and tread the same earth, so the angel energies are available to us all.

The ways they interact with you, your connection to the Divine and your own spiritual impulse — just like the movement of your body, the colour of your eyes and the shades of your skin — are absolutely unique.

Seeking guidance on your awakening with Gabriel Use this guided meditation to open up a channel of communication with Gabriel. The questions and childhood reflections will help you to become aware of what you have perhaps lost along the way or simply where your Light is not shining as brightly as it could.

If you need to refresh your memory about using the guided meditations, see Tools for Your Journey page Or, if you prefer to listen to it as a download, go to: Get comfortable and, if you choose, spend a few minutes breathing deeply before closing your eyes.

Imagine you are breathing in a beautiful beam of white light, like a spotlight, through your right foot. Visualize all the tendons, bones, tissues and muscles in your foot as it is filled with this brightest of lights. Send feelings of gratitude towards your foot, fully appreciating how much you need your feet for standing, walking and moving around.

Now breathe in the light into your left foot and, again, imagine your foot full of the white light and send feelings of gratitude towards your foot.

warrior copywriting a book

Remember your childhood and all the lovely things you did using your two feet — running around, hopping, skipping and jumping. Now pause and consider the following questions, making a note of any answers in your journal: With each breath, inhale the light and imagine you can see it rising upwards through your ankles, calves, knees, thighs… Now really feel the light in your legs and your hips.

Imagine that the white light is so bright that you can see it moving through the pores of your skin, surrounding the lower half of your body.

Now breathe the light through your hips and into your lower abdomen, thanking this whole pelvic area for what it does for you. Appreciate how your cells carry memories and ask yourself: As you experience the light moving up and through your body, allow yourself to fully relax with every exhalation.

Send warm thoughts of gratitude towards your hands and your arms and imagine all the things you do with them. Imagine reaching out towards your loved ones — embracing them, holding them close to your heart. Take a note of your answer.

Breathe in the light, up through your chest, neck and into your face, allowing it to move through your head and, as the light fills your head, picture some of the most beautiful things that you have ever seen or experienced.

Your favourite sounds or music. Words and gentle whisperings. Be grateful for all the wondrous things that the senses do for you and fill them with light. As your head absorbs the crystal white light, allow it to fill your mind with heavenly purity and its love.

Invite and allow it to cleanse and purify anything you may be holding in your thoughts that is not of the purist love. And now, as you see yourself as a being full of pure white light, simply call the name of Archangel Gabriel three times in your mind.Because you're not wasting any time, I'll also send you a complimentary copy of the classic copywriting book "Scientific Advertising" by Claude C.

Hopkins. This book is responsible for untold millions of dollars in sales and profits. Copywriting oz. tekstopisje je veščina, s pomočjo katere lahko uspešno predstavite svoje storitve, povečate prodajo izdelkov, ustvarite prodorne in prepoznavne tekste ter moč besed v vseh pogledih obrnete sebi v prid.

another person, a website, a talk or a book that provides. motivation and inspiration. Right when you are in need, in. Stefan has also edited, and created the book layouts and cover designs for several authors including Advanced Premed Life Support, Crack in the Armour and Global Warrior.

This book features a tremendous volume of useful professional guidance. Some of is usually standard, and of it come from her own experience following an principle of .

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Copywriting, Copy Editing and SEO – For your website, email blasts, blog, bio, e-book, landing page and everything else you do that needs words. Learn more Web Design. NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (NLF) ANTI-AMERICAN LEAFLETS OF THE VIETNAM WAR. SGM Herbert A.

Friedman (Ret.) Note: Some material from this site was depicted with the author’s permission on the Vietnam Historical website “The Remnants,”for .

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