Write an editorial on an issue that matters to you

It documents the long failed history of attempts to place the nation's schools on a year-round calendar. This paper, however, did not delve into motives behind the push by powerful business interests to force the nation's schools on a year-round calendar. The Business Roundtable, an elite group of CEOs from the nation's largest corporations, have made a year-round calendar and a longer school year part of its blueprint for education.

Write an editorial on an issue that matters to you

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Copies may also be obtained, in very limited numbers, outside of the village, from St Mary Magdalene Church - Monkton, St. Nicholas Church in St Nicholas-at-Wade, St Nicholas-at-Wade Post Office, Monkton Nature Reserve, Cliffsend Post Office, plus both Ramsgate and Margate Tourist Information Offices and the Broadstairs Kiosk in the open season Minster Matters is, we hope, a very informative village magazine run entirely by a small team of volunteers and aimed at keeping the community up to date with local news, events and village concerns.

Whilst the editorial team try very hard to uphold an unbiased and factual approach to reporting news, and covering, wherever possible, both sides of a story, we also provide the opportunity for readers to respond with their own thoughts, which we endeavour to print in the magazine, subject of course to the usual editors approval and space being available.

write an editorial on an issue that matters to you

The first issue of Minster Matters hard copy appeared at the beginning of due mainly to the efforts of the then Editor Kelvin Holdom.

Kelvin built on his initial 4 pages until he moved to Devon in August when it had grown 6 fold. June saw our first online edition available it is hoped that we may be able to get a copy of all the earlier issues online, but this will be an ongoing project that may take quite a while and the magazine is now regularly read in the far reaches of the globe.

February saw us venturing into the realms of podcasting and producing a spoken version on CD, for those less fortunate than ourselves, who have problems with their sight. July saw the magazine take the next step in it's onward development with the introduction of a full colour cover and then in December we entered the world of both Braille and large print versions when we officially opened our office in the neighbourhood centre.

From November we ceased offering Braille and large print versions as we no longer had the premises in which to produce them.

Our Braille printer and ancillaries were then donated to the KAB. Why do they all look so happy??? Whilst Kelvin successfully produced the magazine with little or no help except for his very willing band of deliverers for quite a number of years, slowly he coerced more and more volunteers onto the team, and as at launch date of this website we had a regular group of 8 volunteers who worked tirelessly each month to get it to the printers on time, and another group of approximately 30 people who took it upon themselves to go out in all weathers to deliver hard copies to all properties in the village.

Further to this, since our expansion into audio versions we have another small group who have put themselves forward as readers for our CD issue, plus the editorial team has now grown to 11 and the delivery team to over 50, but we are always interested in new people coming forward to help in anyway they can.

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From February Editor Ray Owen began to take more of a back seat when it came to editing and laying out the magazine, Amy Murray former Co-Editor came back onboard to relieve Ray of these tasks.

From here you can access both current and back issues, our recommended freeware and various pictures. You can also download our talking book and podcast files. Although we deliver the magazine, free of charge, to every property in the Minster Electoral Area, all costs being covered by advertising and donations, we are also able to send it further afield on subscription, a service we are extending to our "talking book".

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Newsletter/Magazine especially for Residents, Employers and Employees in the Village of Minster-in-Thanet UK. Feb 25,  · You can write your editorial about any topic, as long as you use at least one source from The New York Times.

That should pretty much open the whole world to you, as you may be surprised how much you can find in The Times. Popley Matters The First The idea for Popley Matters came out after an article in the Basingstoke Gazette about 32 years ago. The article asked for local people across the borough to write .

NH Bar News Submission Guidelines: The NH Bar News is the official monthly publication of the NH Bar Association. Bar News aims to provide NH Bar members with timely information about the Bar and its members, the practice of law in New Hampshire, and to promote an exchange of ideas about issues facing the legal community. Writing a proactive protagonist is one of the single most important things you can do to set your novel up for success. I feel like I’ve been giving this note over and over in my freelance editorial practice lately: Your protagonist is too passive. If you have been asked to write an editorial piece for a major newspaper or magazine, it’s a definite sign that your career is looking up. For any journalist or writer, being asked to write an editorial is a matter of great privilege and honor.

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Through its Side by Side program, Prysmian Group has committed that by , 40% of hired staff, 12% of executives and 10% of top managers will be schwenkreis.com can see some of their current stats regarding their transparent workforce makeup here..

write an editorial on an issue that matters to you

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