Writing a vbac birth plan

It was too hard to go back. It still takes a mustering of emotional energy to think back to those days that transitioned us into this new life. I mean, now when I scroll back through those first few posts I did on the blog and Facebook and Instagram, I guess it makes sense. Maybe that seems brave.

Writing a vbac birth plan

No matter how a mother plans to birth, when the time draws near, dilation is the one thing on her mind. Cervical dilation tells us one thing and one thing only — where you are right that second.

writing a vbac birth plan

It tells you nothing about what came before that check when you compare to other labors or women and it tells you nothing about what is to come. It only tells you about the here and now.

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If the mother has only been in labor for a few hours and finds out she is already at say, 7cm, she may think her time is nigh…only to find out that she has many more hours of work ahead.

Basically — the information can back fire on you.

writing a vbac birth plan

But there are times when the information can be of use. Or she may be waiting to call her family until she is sure things are really cooking.

So what are the writing a vbac birth plan of getting this information? The first thought that comes to mind and the only thought usually is that you must have a vaginal exam.

Studies also show that vaginal exams are not really accurate. And another study abstract which was done on models. And lets not forget that vaginal exams are just plain uncomfortable at the best of times — in labor they can be downright hellish. So what are some ways of figuring out your dilation without actually touching the cervix?

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Or rather — your butt crack. The line starts at the anus and moves up the cleft. When it is all the way to the top, you are 10cm.

Normally — you do have a bit of a line there. But this Purple Line or Bottom Line is not he line that is normally there which is usually pink. This is a dark purple line. My suggestion is to check out your bum in early pregnancy so that you know the difference.

The further dilated a woman was, the more likely she was to have the line show up. The line showed up most when women were around cm dilated, and seemed to fade in some women at almost complete dilation. And according to this study sample, the line seems to first show for most women around cm.

An earlier study was done in and published in the Lancet which also proved the existence and accuracy of the line, though the sample size was smaller. The reason for the Purple Line is believed to be due to the increased pressure on the veins around the sacrum.

This pressure on the veins creates the dark line where the thin skin of the cleft can show it.

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Here is a great example of the Purple Line from a wonderful mother in our support group. Obviously — she is complete in this photo, and baby is on its way out! But you can see the Purple Line so clearly though I did take the liberty of highlighting it for you. Thank you Sara for sharing this moment with us!

The photo below is from Jackie, who was so excited when her purple line showed up around 8cm she actually asked her photographer to snap a photo! Sounds of Birth The sounds a woman makes in labor can tell a care provider or partner much about where the woman is in labor.

Obviously, this will not work the same for all women. Some women are noisy all the way through — which is fine. Some women are quiet until the very end — also fine and normal. However, there does seem to be a pattern for most women in the way they vocalize in labor.

In early labor 0 to 4cm a women can normally converse easily or with little effort during contractions. She does not feel the need to rest between them very much, and will most likely continue or pick the conversation right back up after each contraction.

In active labor 4 — 6 or 7 cm the woman usually has to do some breathing or vocalizing during contractions, and normally stops speaking during them.

She may have to rest more between them. In transition 7 — 9cm the woman tends to really need labor noises — groaning, moaning, and sometimes repetitive mantras or noises. At full dilation the women may really retreat within and become quiet.DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is not intended and should not be construed as medical schwenkreis.comt your health provider.

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plus). A holistic pregnancy blog supporting women in natural pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Trying for a VBAC: Our Birth Plan categories: birth, pregnancy, trying for a vbac, vbac Our second baby is due at the end of April, and we are hoping and trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section).

Definitely talk the plan over with your doctor—it's important to make sure you're both on the same page. Read on for a checklist of things to consider when creating a .

Writing a Birth Plan for VBAC Delivery All women should write a birth plan. Your plan expresses your wishes for your labor, birth and the time immediately following the birth.

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