Writing activity about weather news

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Writing activity about weather news

Draw conclusions about the effects of weather Compare and contrast different weather forecasts Use maps to analyze different weather conditions Complete and writing activity about weather news an online weather script Write a first-person report from the center of a storm Materials Analyze: A video-recording device Lesson Directions Day 1 Step 1: Questions or prompts you may want to use include: What does a TV weather reporter do?

Where does weather information come from? How is a news story about the weather different from a weather forecast? Is reporting the weather a science? What types of weather cause weather alerts to be issued?

Either show a video of a weather forecast, or have students come to this session prepared to discuss report they had previously watched. Discuss the information the reporter focused on air temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc.

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Days 2—3 Step 1: Tell students they will now have the opportunity to try their hand at being a weather reporter. Direct students back to Analyze: A Weather Watch Activity where they should select one weather condition to analyze, study the maps provided, answer the questions, and generate a script.

With younger students, you may want to involve parent volunteers to help students record their work. Have students share their videos with the class over the next few days.

writing activity about weather news

Ask students and parents to send in props from home. Students will need the props for activities in day six. Props might include microphones, umbrellas, winter wear, a fan for wind, Styrofoam peanuts for snow, or a hard hat for an earthquake.

Day 4 Step 1: Before class begins, write a list of different types of extreme weather and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and earthquakes on the board.

Explain to students that while they were fortunate to do their forecasts from nice dry and warm "studios," many reporters actually conduct their forecasts from the middle of the action — outdoors. Discuss why reporters might be outside.

What are the advantages of these reports?


What are the downsides? Inform students that they are now going to be working with a small group to give a live report from the center of one of the storms, just like the pros. Point to the list of extreme weather conditions you have written on the board.

Assign students to groups of three. One person will act as a news anchor in the studio, the second will be reporting from the center of a storm, and the third will be a cameraman.

All three will collaborate writing their script.

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Have students select their roles before they start working. Using the computers, allow students to visit the extreme weather site appropriate for the type of weather they will be reporting about.

Referring to the in-depth areas and first-person accounts, especially, have student take notes about conditions they would encounter if they were standing in the middle of that weather system.

Day 5 Step 1: Discuss the components that should go into an eyewitness account of weather stories.The weather is a key kindergarten science concept. With this activity your child will learn about wind direction and create a self portrait, too!

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writing activity about weather news

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1st grade Reading & Writing/5(26). 3) Missing Person. The following activity is great fun, and usually produces great results, but must be used with caution. Only try it with a class you are comfortable with, and .

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