Writing spider web

Argiope aurantia on web after rain. Photo by Jim Plank Description: The backside of the spider resembles a shiny little egg with bright yellow and orange markings that look as though a spider-loving psychologist, preparing a colorful inkblot test, splattered paint on a black surface. The female of the species is much larger than the male—she can be up to 3 times his size.

Writing spider web

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A writing spider is a typical garden spider found in the United States as well as around the world. You may know it better as the Argiope aurantia or perhaps its other common names; black and yellow garden spider, zipper spider, banana spider, x spider or corn spider.

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These spiders are easy to identify by the distinctive pattern of silk in the middle of their webs. Most often a zig zag pattern thick and white, the other wise hard to see web is easy to spot especially since the writing spider usually straddles this pattern waiting for its prey.

There certainly are varieties but generally this spider has yellow and black markings on their abdomens and a mostly white cephalothorax head. These spiders are mostly harmless to humans.

Detailed information on Writing Spider, Scribbler, Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope aurantia)

Writing spiders commonly build their webs in areas close to open sunny fields, where they can stay concealed and protected from the wind. They can be found in tall vegetation, outbuildings and even around the eaves of your house. The female spider will stay in the same local area for most of life.

The web of a writing spider is distinctive just like the spider itself; it is circular in shape, with a dense zigzag of silk known as stabilmentum in the center of the web. The pattern on the web is not completely understood but scientists believe that it may be to warn birds or large animals of the presence of the difficult to see web.

We know webbing gives off or at least reflects ultra violet light as well as some plants. The argiope spider also has a daily ritual of consuming the center circular part of the web and then rebuilds it every morning. Unlike other orb spiders the writing spider does not live in dense clusters. Also unlike the golden orb spider that leaves a cluttered series of webs, the writing spider keeps a clean orderly web.

These spiders only breed once a year. The male roams to find a mate and once found he will then build a small web near the female.

When the male approaches the female, he has a safety drop line just in case she attacks him. After they mate, the male will die, and the female will sometimes eat the male. Eliminating the writing spider is easy, just consistently knock the web down and it will cause the spider to relocate to another location to survive.

If you have outdoor lighting it may be attracting the food, in turn attracting the spider. But why eliminate such a good friend who helps keep your home pest free? I guess the opposite could also happen if you were mean, you might get a whole different kind of message then.

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Writing spider web

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Although it looks rather threatening, the writing spider . Argiope bruennichi is commonly known as the wasp schwenkreis.com Australia, Argiope keyserlingi and Argiope aetherea are known as St Andrew's cross spiders, for their habit of resting in the web with paired legs outstretched in the shape of an X, the cross of St Andrew.

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